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Content Planning
Plan | Create | Schedule

Let me teach you how to be your own social media manager! People ask me all the time, how I'm able to be on social media all the time and post so consistently?" 

The gag is, I'M NOT on social media all the time. I PLAN, CREATE and SCHEDULE! This services will teach you how to create a quarterly content strategy, plan you content 2 weeks at a time and schedule it to post automatically!

To request a payment plan, please email communications@brandbpmktg.com. All payment plans require a card on file. 

Service includes:

  • Two 2-hour private strategy and working calls

  • Written content strategy (delivered electronically)

  • 2 weeks of created social media content

  • Content scheduling system setup

  • 2 weeks of scheduled content

  • FREE copy of our Content Strategy Guide

Content Strategy

  • During our first private call we will create your content strategy for the next 3 months, this can also include emails and printed content. 

  • Strategies will outline content type, purpose, message, audience and schedule. 

Content Creation & Scheduling

During our second call we will

  • Collectively create your 2 weeks worth of content using tools such as Canva Pro and Adobe

  • Set up your scheduling system*

  • Schedule your first 2 weeks of content

*Some scheduling systems may require payment.

Additional Content Creation 

Wanna create content for the whole quarter or maybe just the first month? You can add additional working hours to this service for $50 an hour.

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