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Be Branded
1-on-1 Brand Development Service

This program is best for entrepreneurs who are new to business or in need of a rebrand, looking to authentically display their vision through branding.

During this 1-on-1 service I will guide you through building your brand identity, designing your aesthetic and creating a plan to introduce your brand to the world. 

A clarity call is required to confirm service booking. This call ensures our program is the right service for you! If booking is completed, the call payment will be applied to your total. 

Program includes:

  • Weekly strategy calls

  • Written brand guide (delivered electronically)

  • 3 month content strategy ​​

  • 2 weeks of social media content

  • Launch email template

  • 1-minute pitch

Brand Identity

We will focus on 3 important questions:

  • Who the brand is ? (your why/purpose, vision, mission and core values)

  • What the brand does? (current and future services or product offerings)

  • Who the brand serves? (target audience profile)

Brand Aesthetic 

During this step we will do the fun stuff or what I like to call styling your business! 

  • Choose brand colors

  • Font styles 

  • Logos 

  • Social media and email design

Brand Delivery

  • Design your launch event

  • Map out launch with marketing milestones 

  • Launch brand

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